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Ulisse Netcam: Direct access to the camera when the VTTunnel drives you crazy

Do you need to access the web pages of a camera installed over a Ulisse Netcam?
Well, you can do it using the VTTunnel available inside the Tools page from the Ulisse Netcam web interface.
Unfortunately, being a Java application, the VTTunnel may experience problems depending on the security settings of your PC and restrictions on your browser (e.g. Internet Explorers has MANY restrictions...).
To avoid to struggle with browser's settings, we have a workaround available:
Open a Command Prompt selecting the "Run as Administrator" option (if you have the rights to do it...) and type the following command:
route add mask <UliNet IP Address>
where <UliNet IP Address> is the IP Address of the Ulisse Netcam (e.g. the default
If you receive an "OK!" message, you can now open your browser and reach the camera from the URL:
The given command tells your PC that the camera's IP address (always can be reached using the Ulisse as a gateway. It is called "static route" indeed.
Note that if you have two (or more) Ulisse Netcam on the network you can not set two (or more) static routes at the same time, having the same destination host thru different gateways. It would drive your PC crazy!
For that reason, it is necessary to delete the actual static route as soon as you need to reach another camera inside another Ulisse:
route delete
The VTTunnel utility does such operations automatically: it sets a static route when you press the "connect" button, and it deletes the route when you press the "disconnect".

Note that to use such "route" command, as well as the VTTunnel utility, your PC should be directly connected to the Ulisse (same subnet). For example, if the Ulisse is at, the PC should be at
If not, it means that (at least) one router is working in the middle, which should also be configured accordingly to know how the can be reached, and how the replies from the camera need to be managed.

Daniele Bottini

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Camera direct access has been made easier with firmware 2.0 onward.

The camera's web pages are now NATted to the 8123 port on the Public address.

You can either open your browser and type

http://<UliNet IP Address>:8123

on the URL bar, or access them from the Ulisse's web pages as well. Go the Utility, and press the Camera button. A new window opens, requesting the camera's username and password.


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