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ONXAB1025 – ONXAB1025B (NXW)


ONXAB1025 – ONXAB1025B    (NXW)







Are there any difference between reference ONXAB1025 and ONXAB1025B to be installed on NXW0K1000 water cooled housing?
At datasheet NXW0K1000 appear ONXAB1025B to be used, but I have in stock ONXAB1025 (without B). Could I use it without problems?



  • ONXAB air barrier
  • NXW



There is a difference in the two products, but they are both compatible with the NXW housing.
The difference is related to the holes which spray the air on the front glass where, in the old model, they were oriented versus the glass whilst in the new model (“B”) they are oriented outside and will not spray the air directly to the glass.
With your old model we suggest a max air pressure of 1 BAR in order not to risk to damage the glass.

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