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NXM vs. NXM36 - differences


NXM vs. NXM36 - differences








Could you give me a hand to figure out the key differences between these products?
Other than the size, ip69 and submersion deepness. Anything else?



  • NXM
  • NXM36



We designed NXM36 with the main scope to reduce the price of NXM.
Afterwards, technically speaking, apart of what you said, NXM36 front and back flange are made differently, using less stainless steel and different external screws (for this reason the optional wiper must be installed on the side to avoid interference with the protruding screws heads), the glass of NXM36 is smaller and glued to the front flange and for this reason it is not possible to change just the glass nor to use the optional ONXAB2 air barrier which is an option of NXM (currently ONXMAIRB or ONXMAIRBIR are the new compatible air barriers for NXM36).

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