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What causes a wiper blade to fail, get damaged, or not clean well?




What causes a wiper blade to fail, get damaged, or not clean well? 


Outdoor housings or PTZ units equipped with a standard or optional wiper kit.


Wiper does not clean well or is physically damaged.



Several factors can cause the wiper blades to age prematurely and either be damaged or have poor cleaning ability.

  • Direct sun exposure, facing south where the wiper receives little to no shade.
  • Temperatures (climate and elements)
  • Dry conditions, the wiper longevity is increased if it is used more frequently rather than sitting in the same position for long periods of time.
  • Chemicals or cleaning materials, whether applied to wiper or as a vapor in the air.
  • Exhaust gasses from any internal combustion engine or furnace.
  • Salt air.
  • Dry use, wiper activated without water present.


Only a replacement of the wiper blade can correct these issues. A wiper blade is considered a "consumable" part.

Additional Notes

These wipers are not unlike wipers on automobiles. The same care and maintenance you would do with an auto should be done with these wiper blades. Auto washer fluid is an acceptable cleaning solution for wiper/washer kits.

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