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How to control wiper and washer in a fixed housing


How to control wiper and washer in a fixed housing






Can I add the wiper to the HEG housing and how can I control both wiper and washer?



  • HEG
  • Wiper
  • Washer



Add a wiper to a fixed housing and control both wiper and washer



Surely it is possible to add the wiper to the HEG housing, and the same is possible with the NXM36.
Whilst there are other housings, like HOV, where the wiper is already built-in and so the corresponding housing’ model must be ordered.
Washer pumps can be always utilized with housings equipped with wiper.
The control system is then up to the installation requirements.
The simplest way to manage washer and wiper is to give them power, normally through an external button: when there is power they will work, when there is no power they will stop.
To remotely control wiper and washer the WASPT series of washer pumps must be selected and the optional DTWRX telemetry board must be added.
In this case you will connect your controller in RS485 (which can be eg. your camera) to the DTWRX and by sending the corresponding commands (MACRO or PELCO-D protocol) you will be able to activate both wiper and washer.



Customer wanted to add the wiper to existing HEG housings and asked how to manage wiper and washer control


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