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How to use nano coating products for cleaning the front window?


How to use nano coating products for cleaning the front window?





  • General purpose camera housing
  • Stainless steel camera housing


Do you have experience with only wipers and nano coating products for
cleaning the front window?



Below our experience with the different cleaning solutions:

Wiper Washer
Good – Gets the window really clean and you can keep wiping and washing until it is clean.
Bad – Has to be activated and serviced – cannot be run by PoE.

Air Barrier
Good – keeps large pieces of dust away. Can run on PoE with an external compression system feeding the barriers – Please note you must have a NXFIGRU2 air filter for each housing.
Bad – has to have a constant supply of compressed air and if large pieces of dirt do hit the window they cannot be moved. If there are multiple housings this can be costly and have high service costs for the air pump.

Nano technology self cleaning coating – This is a paint format that is applied to the window by our customers before supplying it to the installers.
Good – Self Cleaning - stays clean when moisture and sunlight are involved and has no servicing needed when in the right conditions. Can run on PoE.
Bad – When a large piece of dirt gets involved on the window there is no way of moving it.


Cleaning the front window

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