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Warning message “Synchronization problem”


Warning message “Synchronization problem”




Time Synchronization problem message in web interface.



  • Fixed cameras
  • PTZ cameras



This warning message occurs when the date and time are not synchronized. As indicated in the warning, some manufactures VMS will not work properly if the time is not synchronized.


NTP time was not set, or a power failure has occurred.


This article will explain how this works and how to correct the issue.

The time settings can be found in the “Network” option in the camera web interface. Depending on the version of firmware of the camera, the menu options may be arranged slightly different. The image is from firmware 4.6.7. 


In the image the NTP Server option is set to “STATIC”, this is where you would set a NTP address. If you do not have a static NTP address the other options are set to “disable” or “DHCP”. The camera can obtain a time setting from the DHCP server if available.

Enter the desired information and click “SEND”, this will reboot the camera and save the NTP settings.

Additional settings can be found under the “Date & Time” menu options.


The button “Set Date/Time from PC” will collect your PC date and time and synchronize the camera time with the computer time.

Note: This is not recommended to use in the place of a NTP server. The date and time will be reset if a power failure occurs with the camera. Videotec cameras do not have an internal battery to maintain the camera time and date.

Additional Notes

If you have a camera with this message already connected to a VMS and are not experiencing issues, it is not necessary to set the NTP information other than to make the warning message go away.

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