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How Analytics Alarm Work

  • The alarm is unique: if more Rules are violated or if more targets are detected there is not priority since the device is already alarmed. The alarm will end only when everything is cleared-up.
  • If more alarms are received at the same time the PTZ will follow the first arrived.
  • When after the first alarm the PTZ is in tracking and receives another alarm it will not be considered till the tracking will end.


The PTZ can be alarmed from another device which will instruct it to move to a preset position or to the target’ coordinates.

(Automatic Actions – Remote Movement)


In this case the PTZ must not be executing Video Analysis, otherwise the alarm will not be considered.


The PTZ can be alarmed by a Digital Input and instructed to start the Video Analysis in the Analytics Home or in a specified preset position.

(Automatic Actions – Digital Input)


In this case the physical alarm received will have priority and so if the PTZ was executing Video Analysis it will end immediately to follow the new Automatic Action associated to the Digital Input.


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