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Virtual Inputs

Depending on the VMS utilized, there can be some Event features where it is possible to configure custom rules (actions) based on an Input not an output

Starting from the firmware 3.2.0 we have implemented two “virtual ONVIF Inputs” to allow to do more with the information inside the CCTV system. 

From the «Automatic Actions» menu it is possible to associate a certain action with some predefined events.
In the case of virtual inputs, following a certain alarm, an ONVIF command can be sent to the VMS to activate an Input.

If the input becomes ACTIVE, input (virtual) 10 (or 11) becomes ACTIVE, and the resulting Event tns1:Device/Trigger/DigitalInput|True with Token=10 (or 11) is generated.
If the input returns to IDLE, input (virtual) 10 (or 11) returns to IDLE state, and the resulting Event tns1:Device/Trigger/DigitalInput|False with Token=10 (or 11) is generated.

It is possible to see the virtual inputs also in the ODM under the EVENTS section.

You can recognize them from the TOKEN number, since the "virtual" inputs are numbered starting from the number 10, whilst the "real" inputs are numbered starting from the number 1.


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