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Rules – Calibration – Classification

Settings Instructions directly in the webpage. Easier than having to read a separate book.



Based on Preset positions (250 preset in our products). Up to 10 Rules for Preset. Up to 15 points per Rule.

Different settings can be applied to each Rule: Line Crossing and Direction, Appearing/Entering/Leaving an Area, Loitering, Overlap, Detection Mask




To be performed for every Preset in order to allow the Targets Classification (if needed – to measure the Target).

Up to 20 lines (Reference + Test lines). Drawing just one height is enough to calibrate.




Suitable to detect and track the targets based on the targets’ dimensions.

Up to 3 customizable categories. Up to 30mt. max. height and width.

Min.&Max. Height&Width are automatically applied to all the Presets.



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