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MVX: connection diagrams

This connection diagram depicts how the WASEX's valve must be connected to the MVX housing unit.

The Washer control is achieved by the means of an integrated Relay Out, while the Wiper is internally controlled by the unit itself.

It is necessary to use a suitable insulation transformer, in order to disjoin the valve from the power network.

WARNING: the Insulation Transformer must be installed either inside an explosion-proof box, or in a safe zone out of the classified area.




This connection diagram represents how the MBX or MBA can be connected to two MVXHD and two WASEX's valves.

The integrated relay in the MVX, through the communication box, activates the Washer control.




These connection diagrams depict how the WASPT must be connected to the MVX DELUX unit.





This connection diagram shows how to connect the MLX illuminator to the MVXHD housing through the communication box MBX/MBA.



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