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HOV - WASPT: connection diagram

This configuration allows the user to control the Wiper and the Washer from the Camera's web pages or from the VMS.

The IPM housings do not provide the wiper due to PoE+ power limitations. Should a wiper be necessary, a standard housing must be used.

Depending on the camera capabilities, Wiper and Washer control can be achieved from the Camera's Relays, or from the Telemetry Serial Out over RS485 (Pelco-D protocol). In the second option, the WASPT must be equipped with the optional Telemetry Receiver (DTWRX).








Additional Notes about the Camera

Depending on the system composition, it is necessary to verify if the camera's Digital Outputs can be operated from the selected control interface (Web Browser, VMS Client), or if the camera is able to forward the expected telemetry commands on the Serial Port, in order to activate/deactivate the wiper and the washer pump.

When a VMS is used:

  • in case of Relay Control (diagram 1 & 2), the VMS Client must provide suitable controls to open/close the camera's relays;
  • in case of Telemetry Control (diagram 3), the VMS Client must provide suitable controls to send either Auxiliary commands or Set Preset commands to the Camera, and the Camera must put it on the Serial Port, to let them reach the DTWRX.
    It is strongly advised to verify if such commands are correctly forwarded by the Camera, using a Protocol Analyzer connected to the Camera's Serial Port, activating the proper controls from the VMS Client.
    Aux controls are not common on VMS, and sometime the VMS Client provides GoTo Preset controls only, making the Set Preset controls available on the Administration interface only.

The following table reports the telemetry commands supported by the DTWRX, which the camera has to provide:

Operation Command Pelco-D string
Wiper Start AUX 3 ON FF 01 00 09 00 03 0D
SET PRESET 85 FF 01 00 03 00 55 59
Wiper Stop AUX 3 OFF FF 01 00 0B 00 03 0F
SET PRESET 86 FF 01 00 03 00 56 5A
Washer Start AUX 4 ON FF 01 00 09 00 04 0E
SET PRESET 87 FF 01 00 03 00 57 5B
Washer Stop AUX 4 OFF FF 01 00 0B 00 04 10
SET PRESET 97 FF 01 00 03 00 61 65


Also, some VMS do not provide the mentioned controls, but they allow the configuration of custom commands on the device; this feature can be used to send the Camera special CGI-BIN commands, usually in the URL format; for example:

Check with the Camera manufacturer whether CGI-BIN commands are available for your Camera.

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