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How to register your User Account on Videotec Support portal

End Users are requested to register their own account on Videotec Support portal, in order to manage their requests properly.

Registration and login allow also the End User to:

  • check how his open requests are being managed;
  • check his request history (or even at his Company requests history);
  • access the Download area, where Firmware, Software, Drivers, Application Notes are published;
  • add comments to the Articles published inside the Knowledge Base area;
  • post public questions inside the Community, as well as to add answers and comments to other users' questions.

On the top of the above points, the registration is mandatory to access possible attachments given by the Support Agents on the resolution steps.

Follow these simple steps to register your user account and to confirm your email address.

On the top-right corner of the Support home page, click on the Sign in button:

If you already have an account:

Insert your email address and password now, then press the Sign In button:

If you have sent previously an email to

Your email address has been recorded already by the system, and just the password needs to be set; said that you should have received a Welcome! notification containing a link to follow in order to complete the procedure, you can require that once more. Such procedure is valid whether you forget your password and you need to reset it.
Click on the Get a password link, and insert your email address:

The following email is delivered at your mailbox, and you need to click the link to choose/reset your password:

Congratulations, you have now completed the procedure.

If you are completely new to the system:

On the initial Sign In window, click on the Sign Up link.

You are requested to insert your full name, along with a valid email address; note that the latter will be used as username for your account, therefore it is better to double check for possible mistypings.
Complete the reCAPTCHA procedure, then press Sign Up:

As for above, your account needs to be verified before being activated. Verification must be done following the instructions contained inside the Welcome! email sent to the specified mailbox:

Congratulations, you have now completed the procedure.

Please note:

User registration is not strictly necessary to submit requests, even if requests coming from unknown users are set to a Suspended state, until the user has completed the verification procedure. This is to prevent fake queries coming from ghost addresses, as well as to filter spam.

No answers will be given for Suspended tickets!

To avoid wasting your time, please register your user account BEFORE submitting any request, or complete the verification procedure immediately after the first Welcome! notification has been received.




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    Daniele Bottini

    Users are strongly invited to provide a Phone contact inside their registration profile, to give us the chance to get in touch with them should we need to.
    To do that, Edit your profile, and fill the Phone field. Screenshots follow for your reference.

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