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ULISSE NETCAM: how to enable the Temeletry control

Despite the ONVIF is getting widespread day by day among devices, sometime it is not suitable to be used on a system.

It could be a limitation on the camera that it is going to be used, as well as on the NVR/VMS.
It could be that the user doesn't trust on the ONVIF capabilities, and he prefers to run all the commands over a traditional RS485 serial line, using the well-known Pelco-D protocol.

It is probably a little bit anachronistic in a network/IP driven world; the Ulisse Netcam gives anyhow such possibility as well: you can switch off all the ONVIF capabilities, bridge the network connection from the base to the housing to have a direct access to the camera, connect a RS485 controller to the telemetry inputs (which is usually the camera itself).


  • the CPU is totally OFF working in RS485 mode;
  • the Ulisse won't have any L2/L3 capability, and also the web interface will be unavailable;
  • all the PT-related configurations (motion parameters, movement limits, ...) must be done the traditional way: a composite display connected to the Video Out, a RS485 controller connected to the serial port, OSD enabled on the screen;
  • mixed modes are not allowed: you can not have the CPU enabled (e.g. to access the web pages) and control the unit over RS485; conflicts on the serial line will arise, messing up the controller.

To enable the RS485 telemetry mode, follow the step-by-step procedure here enclosed. Nothing more to add... just use at your own risk!


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