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Washing systems: WAS or WASPT?!?

Many housings of Videotec's can be equipped with a wiper, either integrated (on HOV, HGV housings) or external (on HEG, NXM, NXL housings).

Most of times, when the presence of a wiper is required, also a washing system is a must-have to better manage the environmental conditions (dust, water sprays, ...).

For fixed housing, both the WAS and the WASPT tanks can be chosen.

Which one? It basically depends on how you are going to control the wiper and the washer pump.

The WAS is a power-controlled unit. You give power to start the pump, you cut the power to stop it. Simple but effective.
The control is therefore achieved by the means of a simple external switch. Wiper control can be coupled to washer's on a single switch (you press the button to start the wiper and the pump together), or it can be separate for more flexibility.

The really important thing is: only local control with the WAS. No remote control is possible, you need to stay within the power lines' distance limits.

The WASPT instead gives more flexibility for the wiper and washer control: to activate them you need to close a self-powered clean contact. Separate controls are provided of course, for better management.
The tank's electronic also makes available additional features, such as the floating alarm to detect when the water is nearly finished.

Respect the WAS, such difference opens different possibilities; for instance, you can use the I/O relays of an IP camera to control the wiper and the washer, being able to manage everything over the network.

Generally speaking, every 3rd-party unit that provides a relay-out can be integrated with the WASPT: cameras, encoders, alarm units, PT heads, NVR, ...

Moreover, if you need to control the tank over RS485, you can equip the WASPT with a small telemetry receiver (the DTWRX), able to manage Macro or Pelco-D commands to drive the wiper and washer.
The control button can be 1200 mt. (RS485 max distance) far away from the tank therefore.

Note also that no timing features are provided, neither for the WAS nor for the WASPT: as long as the button stays pressed, the wiper sweeps the window and the pump sprays the water.
Do not forget to release the button when the window gets clean!

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