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Remote Access to Videotec equipments for testing

It happens quite often that Customers and System Integrators ask for the possibility to access remotely from the web a unit of Videotec's, to test about functions, compatibility with VMS, NVR, Applications.

Such requests are of course related to the ONVIF based units: UC SD/HD, Ulisse Netcam, Ulisse Radical, NXPTZ/T, MPX/T.

We usually do not provide a direct access to the units, for a couple of reasons:

  • all those units stream a real-time video, which should be uploaded on the remote location. Most of the units are Full-HD @ 30fps capable, with a maximum allowed bitrate of 32Mbps; multistream as well.
    As it can be easily understood, there is the risk to saturate our lines due to a hazardous setting.
  • most of times, the same unit is shared between two (or more) systems, which require the streams in parallel.
    We can not reserve a unit for exclusive use to a tester, except for special requests and for a really limited period.

We are able anyway to provide the Remote Testing service to the Customers who need it, but in a different way.

We create a custom-made virtual machine (VM) on Customer's specification, and open a RDP (Remote Desktop) access to it.
The VM comes pre-installed with the Operating System that you need, and pre-configured on the network to access the units to be tested (and nothing more...).
The VM has full access to internet so you can easily download, and probably upload the results of your test to your locations. The Administrator rights let you play with the PC the way you want, and to install all the software that you need (no rubbish please...).

It will remain at your disposal for 30 days at max. When the period is expired, your access will be closed and the VM will be destroyed.

So you need to let us know:

  • which machine you need: 32/64 bit, OS (Windows 7/8/2k8/2k12, Ubuntu, ...), RAM, HDD, special configurations;
  • when you are going to begin the tests;
  • what you need to test (UC, UPT, NXPTZ, MPX, ...).

Depending on the load, we can have a waiting list, therefore your access could be delayed.

At the end, the final warnings, also reported inside every virtual PC:

  1. the VM is Videotec's property and has been made available to Customers/Developers just for VMS testing with ONVIF devices;
  2. Do not misuse! The VM is under monitoring by System Administrators. If any unexpected use is detected, the Remote Access is going to be closed immediately;
  3. Do not share the access credentials with anyone, for any reason;
  4. The VM remains at your disposal for 30 days. If you need more time to complete your tests, ask for an extension to Technical Support;
  5. Please inform Technical Support as soon as your tests are finished;
  6. All your settings will be discarded at the end of the test period, or after 30 days if no feedback is given. Be sure to backup all your data!
  7. Should you need hardware modifications to the VM submit your request to Technical Support.

That's the power of virtualization!

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    Daniele Bottini

    Are you testing a VMS?
    We want to keep up-to-date our VMS Compatibility list, inserting new software and new versions. This will help other users to choose the VMS that better fits their needs, and it also helps us to advise for a control software when a customer asks for hints.
    When you get the access to your VM, you will find a form on your desktop (a simple txt file): as long as your tests go on, we kindly request to fill out the form with the results of your tests.
    Feedbacks will be also useful to sort out possible interworking problems (if any... ONVIF is getting better and better!).

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    Daniele Bottini

    To better manage the access requests, whenever you want to get an access to a VM to test your applications with Videotec's devices you are asked to open a Ticket.
    Fill the Type of Request with RDP Access Request, and tell us who you are, which equipment(s) you need from our side, which features the VM should have.
    We will do our best to provide you with the connection details as soon as possible.