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How to manage Special Functions using ONVIF

All the IP-based PTZ units from Videotec are fully managed using ONVIF commands; the range includes:

  • Ulisse 2
  • Ulisse Radical;
  • Ulisse Netcam;
  • Ulisse Compact HD;
  • Ulisse Compact SD;
  • NXPTZ (marine, single DN sensor);
  • NXPTZT (marine, dual DN/TH sensor);
  • MPX (ex-proof, single DN sensor);
  • MPXT (ex-proof, dual DN/TH sensor);
  • MVX (ex-proof, fixed housing).

Besides "usual" PTZ actions, special functions can also be controlled over ONVIF; such functions are:

  • Wiper start/stop;
  • Washing sequence recall;
  • Night Mode (IR On);
  • Day Mode (IR Off);
  • On Screen Display (OSD);
  • PTZ Patrol start/stop;
  • PTZ Autopan start/stop;
  • Autofocus;
  • Visible Cut Filter On/Off.

note: the availability of specific functions depends on the unit.

The ONVIF specifications allow the manufacturer to identify similar actions as Auxiliary items, accessed using AUX commands.
The AUX command's format is specified inside the PTZ Service WSDL/XML at section #23:

To activate a function on the unit, the AuxiliaryData field should be filled accordingly, as per the following table (from the unit User Manual):

Unfortunately, so far there are few VMS able to manage Auxiliary Commands at ONVIF level. As result, from the VMS' GUI it is not possible to activate the Wiper, to run the Washing procedure, or to switch the camera to Night Mode.

To overcome such limitation, Videotec has developed the PTZ Assistant, a tiny application that can run together the VMS' Client to control those AUX-based special functions. Once installed, it can be made available on Windows' task bar for a quick accessibility, without interfere with the VMS itself.

The PTZ Assistant is able to automatically discover the ONVIF devices running on the network, as well as to recognize the available functions.

Special functions on ONVIF devices become hassle-free!

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, Daniele Bottini wrote this article.
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  • Avatar
    Daniele Bottini

    the list of ONVIF-based units and the special functions list have been updated due to a new product release: the Ulisse Radical.
    The Autofocus and the Visible Cut Filter control are controllable via ONVIF for this unit, as well as all the other usual special functions.

  • Avatar
    Daniele Bottini

    Ok, but since the available special functions change depending on the unit, how to get the list of the AUX controls supported by the device?
    That list is given inside the [GetNodeResponse] (subsequent to the [GetNode] ), at the AuxiliaryCommands section.
    Check the PTZ Service WSDL/XML specifications linked above, at section #8!

    Edited by Daniele Bottini
  • Avatar
    Valentin Rozanov

    MPXHD1FVW0Z00A with fullHD do you have an experience with Milestone software (Stream and control PTZ by LAN/Ethernet)?

  • Avatar
    Daniele Bottini

    Hi Valentin, sure we have.
    Milestone XProtect is actually one of the few VMS able to manage AUX commands from the User Interface (the Smart Client). You just need to create Overlay Buttons for AUX controls.
    Milestone assigns actions as follow:

    • AUX 1 ON - Wiper ON
    • AUX 2 ON - Wiper OFF
    • AUX 3 ON - Washer
    • AUX 5 ON - Night Mode
    • AUX 6 ON - Day Mode.

    Hope this can help.

    Edited by Daniele Bottini
  • Avatar
    Nirav Patel

    I had configured wiper control of 4 nos. of MPX3PVW0X00A ex-proof camera with Milestone XProtect. It worked perfectly, but somehow they stop working. I followed same procedure, but can't configured.. Although on web page wiper control works perfectly. Is this problem with software or hardware?

  • Avatar
    Daniele Bottini

    Hi there!
    your units (MPX3PVW0X00A) are equipped with old-generation MPEG4 encoders, which do not support ONVIF at all.
    You should have connected them to Milestone using the Videotec IP PTZ driver, not the ONVIF Conformant Device (1 ch.) driver, right?
    Anyhow, for such units Special Controls work as follow:

    • AUX 3 ON - Wiper ON
    • AUX 3 OFF - Wiper OFF
    • AUX 4 ON - Washer
    • AUX 8 ON - OSD

    Shouldn't have you been able to solve your problems yet, please open a ticket to our Support Team, we will dig further.

    Edited by Daniele Bottini
  • Avatar
    Nirav Patel

    Hi Daniele,

    I have already configured following AUX commands to Milestone Xprotect for these devices as suggested by your team and they worked perfectly. Sudden they stop working.

    >> AUX 1 ON - WIPER ON
    >> AUX 2 ON - WIPER OFF

    Is there anything else I would have been done, please suggest?

  • Avatar
    Daniele Bottini

    Hi Project2, better to go on with discussion on a ticket. Just created.