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ULISSE COMPACT HD: patrol and zoom

It is not possible so far to configure presets with different Zoom levels on the Ulisse Compact HD, and to run a tour using the PATROL command provided inside the User Interface.

The PATROL command indeed will recall just the Pan and the Tilt position, but the Zoom level will not change from preset to preset.

This is due to the internal architecture of the Ulisse Compact, which does not allow the unit controller to retrieve (and recall after that) the Zoom position from the HD camera module.

If you need to run a Tour covering positions with different Zoom levels, the workaround consists in using a VMS, configuring both the presets and the preset tour on the software.

For example, on Milestone XProtect it is necessary to use Type 1 presets (saved on the Server): the VMS stores Pan, Tilt and Zoom position inside the internal database, and therefore it will be able to recall them during a Preset Tour.

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, Daniele Bottini wrote this article.
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    Daniele Bottini

    This limitation also applies to all the Motion Recall operations: Autopan, Patrol, Home, Tour.

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    Daniele Bottini

    The mentioned architecture limitation also affect unit's manual control.
    Zoom-dependant speed reduction is not achievable for same reason explained inside the article: Pan&Tilt controller can not retrieve the HD camera's zoom level, and therefore it can not reduce the rotation speed accordingly.
    Speed levels are kept unvaried throughout whole zoom range: if the highest MAX SPEED is set (200 deg/sec), manual control may not be handy at higher zoom levels.
    Some workarounds can be implemented on the VMS side, as Digivod developers did for instance.
    Otherwise, we can just suggest to find a proper Max Speed, which allows an easy manual control at all zoom levels.