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Why does my IR LED not switch-on on IPM?


Why does my IR LED not switch-on on IPM?








  • Verso Hi-Poe IPM
  • HOV Hi-Poe IPM
  • IRH



Connecting IRH on IPM housings



IPM (Intelligent Power Management) needs a HiPoE/PoE+ power source to be able to feed the optional Illuminator (Class 4, 25W)
That power comes from a IEEE 802.3at compatible Power Injector or Network Switch.

First check should be done on the power source therefore: am I using a good HiPoE injector? Check the labels and the data sheets of your equipment to be sure!

On the IPM side:

  • did you set the SW1 to PoE+ position?
    This will allow the IPM to request 25W to the Power Injector, and to feed the IR LED.
    Note: you must set the SW1 before powering the system!
  • did you connect all the IRH wires to the IPM's J6 terminal?
    it is not enough to connect the power wires (white/black); you also must connect the telemetry lines (red/green, or brown/blue - depending on the IRH version).
    the IPM needs to "sense" the IRH, otherwise it won't enable the power on J6 connector, and it will use for better aims (e.g. heating, demist, fan, ...).
  • did you set the IRH's trimmers correctly?
    the photocell sensitivity must be set accordingly to your site light level; be sure to have the sensitivity level on a proper position.




Additional Notes

On IPM housings you can connect IRH low power models only

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